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Purchasing assets for your business requires capital investment. The costs of purchasing a commercial vehicle or fleet can be significant. If commercial vehicles or a vehicle fleet is vital to your business operations, consider leasing. Eliminating the need for exorbitant expenditures to build or grow your fleet, First Capital Financing offers many options for leasing. The benefits of Commercial Vehicle Leasing are many, but the most important is the ability to quickly and affordably acquire the vehicles you need to get the job done.

What Is Commercial Vehicle Leasing?

Commercial Vehicle Leasing allows you to finance the use (or depreciation) of a vehicle for the term of the lease. This means you are financing the difference between the initial purchase price and the projected value of the vehicle at the end of the lease. This is unlike a vehicle loan in which you finance the purchase of a vehicle for outright ownership.
For businesses that need to procure commercial vehicles or build a fleet, Commercial Leasing creates the opportunity to acquire vehicles without a considerable cash output and without the liabilities of ownership inherent in a traditional loan model.

Why Does Leasing Make Sense

Purchasing commercial vehicles forces businesses to tie up cash in the transaction leaving businesses vulnerable without capital and could impact operational cash flow. Leasing solutions can offer your business the following benefits:

      • Lower Monthly Payments: Compared to traditional loan agreements, lease payments are often lower affecting your monthly budget and allowing you to re-invest the savings incurred over the term of your leaseback into your business.

      • Upgrade Your Fleet: With a Commercial Vehicle Lease, you can “trade-in” vehicles at the end of the lease term ensuring that your fleet is always current and taking advantage of new technologies as they emerge.

      • Lower Maintenance Fees: By coordinating your lease term with the warranty period offered by the vehicle manufacturer, you can mitigate maintenance and repair costs incurred as the vehicle ages.

      • Tax Deductible: You can deduct a portion of your leasing costs each month when you lease a commercial vehicle in Canada.

    If Commercial Vehicle Leasing seems to make sense for you, the next step is to partner with a team that can provide the best leasing options for your business. First Capital Leasing offers a variety of leasing products and services that can help you get the vehicles you need quickly and efficiently so you can get back to business. The advantages of leasing with FCL are:

        • Preservation of your hard-earned capital
        • Customized payment schedules that work within your budget
        • Ability to purchase with an affordable, tax-deductible payment stream
        • Streamlined vehicle acquisition; no middle man and no fees
        • No KM restrictions
        • Flexible leasing plans with customized terms and options to return/trade/purchase at the end of your lease

      We Know Leasing

      The team at First Capital Leasing has over 85 years of combined experience designing customized leasing solutions for businesses. Choose FCL because:

          • We offer one of the highest approval rates in the country
          • Our team is creative and innovative in getting deals done
          • We have a vast network of underwriters as well as our own portfolio to offer both prime and non-prime pricing in the marketplace 
          • We offer a 95% approval ratio

        You Choose Your Vehicle And Your Lease

        Build or expand your commercial vehicle fleet with smart and flexible leasing options that make sense for your business. Our core team members have extensive experience in truck and commercial vehicle leasing, allowing for a streamlined process from inception to the end of your lease term. We take great pride in the service we offer and it shows in our long-term relationships and repeat business. If you are interested in exploring the commercial vehicle leasing options available and determining which lease type will work for your business, connect with our team at First Capital Leasing and let us help drive your growth.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Is there a maximum lease amount I can secure? 

        There is no maximum. We want to work with you to ensure you can secure the trucks or other vehicles you need. Contact our team to explore your options for vehicle leasing.

        What if financing my vehicle with a loan is a better option for me? 

        First Capital Leasing can also help you with financing if you feel a vehicle loan is a better option for you. 

        Can I finance the service, warranty, delivery, and freight of my commercial truck? 

        We can finance your entire order so you will not incur any out-of-pocket expenses.

        How do I apply? 

        We have an easy application process. Apply Here. And once you have applied, there is no need to apply again. We will continue to partner with you for all your business financing needs.

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