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Southern Connections has teamed up with First Capital Leasing to offer the best payment plans for businesses like yours.

We provide simple, affordable, and flexible lease finance solutions that are easy to understand. With top-notch service and expert guidance throughout the process, you can focus on your business while we handle the financial side.

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12 - 84


4 hours
or less



No Maximum



Leasing made easy

Why Leasing?

Save Time With
Same-Day Approvals

Unlike the Banks we understand that TIME IS MONEY and work fast to ensure your equipment is ready to start earning you money right away!

Easy & Flexible

Benefit from tailored rates and avoid multiple credit inquiries. Combine multiple purchases into one lease for simplified payments and reduced rates.

No Restrictions On
New Or Used Equipment

There are no limits on the mileage or age of the equipment. Plus, there's no extra cost or rate INCREASE for used equipment.

Get Ahead

Better For Your Business

Protect Your Personal Credit

We keep business and personal separate, so your credit stays safe and sound. We do not require additional security or personal guarantees.

Tax Deductible

Equipment leases can be up to 100% tax-deductible in Canada.

No Payments For 90 Days

Utilize our 90 Day No Payment option to acquire assets quickly and start generating revenue sooner. O.A.C.

We look forward to earning your business.