At First Capital Leasing, we are proud to offer our clients a sale-leaseback program that allows you to use the equipment you already own to increase capital and finance growth. Our flexible terms help us tailor a leaseback to suit your unique business and financial situation, ensuring that the transaction is as beneficial as possible for you. 
The team at First Capital Leasing has extensive experience in properly structuring this type of business financing, allowing you the opportunity to obtain additional cash flow and working capital while maintaining the right to the ownership of your business assets.

Use the equipment you already own to increase you capital

Quick way to inject cash and working capital into your business

Program to fit your specific financial situation and business needs

Dedicated support to help you acquire the equipment you need

Don’t Let Pricey Assets Hold You Down

Our equipment sale-leaseback program is one of the best in the industry! If your business owns equipment and you would like to free up working capital, our sale-leaseback financing program can help you maintain the right to use the asset without interruption.

How Does The Sale-Leaseback Program Work?

If your business has cash tied up in equipment and machinery assets, you can use our sale-leaseback program to sell us your equipment for the fair market value of the original amount purchased. You can then keep your equipment on-site by leasing it back from First Capital Leasing.

Some of the benefits of this include:

Our flexible lease terms can help us tailor a sale-leaseback program to fit your specific financial situation and business needs, ensuring that the transaction is beneficial for you and your business.

No Payments For 90 Days

For a limited time, we are offering new and existing First Capital Leasing customers the opportunity to pay after 90 days on new leases and financing. On Approved Credit. 


Benefits Of Leasing

Leasing helps modern businesses prioritize cash flow, service quality, equipment, technology, and sustainability. 

Get Your Equipment Now

Your application approved in 4 hours or less, electronic documentation signed, supplier paid in as little as 24 hours.

Increase Buying Power

Leverage your cash flow with flexible payments rather than spending it upfront.

Optimize Cash Flow

Leasing saves cash for investments and emergencies with affordable payments for equipment and vehicles.

Tax Deductible Financing

Equipment leases can be up to 100% tax-deductible in Canada.

Private Sales

We take care of lien searches and equipment comparables, so you don’t have to.

Flexible Payment Options

Custom your lease, including skip payments, seasonal payments, semi-annual, annual, and terms from 12 - 84 months.

Sale Leaseback Transactions

Refinance your owned equipment for fair market value and raise capital for your business.

Business team working startup growth of the company and discussion analyzing for financial strategy

12 - 84


4 hours
or less



No Maximum