Private Sales

Whether you find the equipment you desire at an established vendor or through a seller on your local classifieds, our team can work with you to finance the deal. Our wide network of underwriters allows us to build custom financing solutions that can be applied to any sale, even a private one.

If you have found the perfect piece(s) of equipment through a private vendor, paying out of pocket isn’t your only option! Our team knows that the best equipment for your business isn’t always found in a showroom, and we’re happy to work with you to finance private equipment sales.

Funding solutions for private sales

Wide network to find the right option for you

Dedicated support to streamline the process

Clear application assistance tailored to your needs

We Finance Private Equipment Sales

Are you looking to buy commercial equipment or a vehicle from a private individual or business? We can help finance the purchase, just like we do with purchases from established vendors, giving you total peace of mind.

When you work with us to finance a private sale, we will:

You can take comfort in knowing that we complete all due diligence, including equipment comparables and lien searches, to ensure that no liens are encumbered on assets. We take care of all the work traditionally involved, so you don’t have to.

No Payments For 90 Days

For a limited time, we are offering new and existing First Capital Leasing customers the opportunity to pay after 90 days on new leases and financing. On Approved Credit. 


Benefits Of Leasing

Leasing helps modern businesses prioritize cash flow, service quality, equipment, technology, and sustainability. 

Get Your Equipment Now

Your application approved in 4 hours or less, electronic documentation signed, supplier paid in as little as 24 hours.

Increase Buying Power

Leverage your cash flow with flexible payments rather than spending it upfront.

Optimize Cash Flow

Leasing saves cash for investments and emergencies with affordable payments for equipment and vehicles.

Tax Deductible Financing

Equipment leases can be up to 100% tax-deductible in Canada.

Private Sales

We take care of lien searches and equipment comparables, so you don’t have to.

Flexible Payment Options

Custom your lease, including skip payments, seasonal payments, semi-annual, annual, and terms from 12 - 84 months.

Sale Leaseback Transactions

Refinance your owned equipment for fair market value and raise capital for your business.

Business team working startup growth of the company and discussion analyzing for financial strategy

12 - 84


4 hours
or less



No Maximum