Private Sales Financing 101: Get The Equipment Your Business Needs

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Sometimes the most ideal equipment for your company is not available through normal sales channels. Owners of businesses large and small, especially highly specialized businesses, often need to source out vehicles and equipment through smaller vendors, classified listings and other private sales, and even through the used-equipment marketplace. When purchasing equipment through non-traditional supply chains, traditional financing options may not be available. Private Sales Financing is the solution for business owners who do not want to make costly purchases and tie up capital because the equipment they seek does not qualify for bank financing. Private Sales Financing can help your business get the perfect vehicle or equipment at the most ideal price, whatever the vendor.

Private Sales Financing Gives You Options

When the vehicles and equipment your business needs to operate and grow are found through smaller vendors, private sales, and the used-equipment marketplace, private sales financing is the solution you need.

What Is Private Sales Financing?
Private sales financing offers personalized financing solutions when the equipment you need is only available through a private sale, or the best deal to be found is on used equipment. Financing companies that offer this financing solution will have an extensive network of underwriters and be able to customize a procurement and payment process to suit your needs. This strategy allows you to find and secure the equipment your business needs, even if it does not fall under the requirements for traditional financing options. This means that you are not limited to purchasing new equipment from large-scale vendors or expensive new-equipment showrooms.

How Can A Private Sales Finance Partner Help?
When you are purchasing equipment from a private seller, a smaller vendor, or through a used-equipment marketplace, your private sales lender will be your partner through the entire process to ensure a favourable outcome. Your lending partner will:

      • Facilitate The Process: Your lending partner will advocate on your behalf, negotiate when necessary, complete due-diligence including equipment comparables, lawful sales, and lien searches, and finalize the sale quickly to ensure your operations can continue without interruption.

      • Design The Right Financing Solution: Your financing partner will work with you to understand your business and your budget to determine which lending program (leasingloanssale-leaseback, etc.) and repayment strategy will work for you. 

    How Private Sales Financing Works:
    With First Capital Leasing the process of financing your private sales is simple:

        1. Find The Right Equipment: Leverage whatever sales channels you can find to source the perfect vehicle or equipment for your business. If you are experiencing challenges in finding the right pieces, let us know. We have an extensive network of vendors and sellers and may be able to help you source what you need.
        2. Apply: Use our simple online tool to apply. We will receive your application immediately and can approve your application in as little as four hours. Once you have filled out the application once, there is never a need to re-apply. Just contact the First Capital Leasing Team and we will continue to partner with you for your business financing needs.
        3. Approval: Our team will review your application and design the perfect, customized financing solution options for your business. We will then contact your chosen seller and arrange for documentation of the purchase.
        4. Payment: Once you have reviewed and approved the purchase documentation, our team will remit payment to the seller and the equipment will be available to help your business thrive and grow.

      Choose The Right Private Sales Financing Partner. Choose First Capital Leasing.

      Don’t limit your business’s potential with the constraints of purchasing equipment through large-scale and traditional vendors. When the best equipment for your business, at the most favourable price, is found outside of accepted bank financing norms, private sales financing is the business solution you need.

      First Capital Leasing offers customized private sales financing solutions for businesses in every sector and of every size. With our team of experienced financing strategy experts you can expect a smooth and easy process, fast approvals, high acceptance rates, and secure, favourable financing terms that work for your business. To learn more about your options for private sales financing, click here

      First Capital Leasing in Calgary is a full-service financial services provider with the knowledge and experience to create tailored financing solutions that meet your needs and the goals for your company. We can help you figure out which strategy can support your current operations now and in the future. For easy application and quick approval, fill out our online application. You only need to apply once and First Capital leasing will continue to be your financing partner for all your business equipment needs. If you are ready to explore loans and leasing for your business, call our team at First Capital Leasing at 1-888-251-3644 or fill out our contact form today.


      Q: Can I finance used equipment through private sales financing? 
      A: Yes. First Capital leasing offers customized financing solutions for new and used equipment purchased through large-scale vendors, private sellers, and used-equipment marketplaces.

      Q: What types of assets can I finance through First Capital leasing? 
      A: We can provide financing solutions for equipment across nearly all industries. Some of the most common industries we provide equipment leasing for include construction, agriculture, automotive, fitness, and technology. Click here to learn more about the various assets we can help you lease

      Q: I already purchased expensive equipment through a private vendor with cash, now my business is cash-poor. Is there a solution? 
      A: If you have cash tied up from purchasing expensive equipment, a sale-leaseback strategy could be a good option for you. This solution allows you to sell your equipment to First Capital Leasing for fair market value, then lease back the equipment with favourable monthly payments. Apply for Sale-Leaseback here. And once you have applied, there is no need to apply again. We will continue to partner with you for all your business financing needs.

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