Private Sales: Empowering You To Grow Your Business

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Your business is growing and you require additional equipment to support that continued growth. But sometimes the best deal on the equipment you need comes through a private vendor and that vendor does not offer financing. Do not feel like your options for purchasing are limited to traditional dealers. First Capital Leasing has the solution with Private Sales.



What Are Private Sales?

Private Sales financing solutions are an opportunity for you to secure the equipment you need to maintain or grow your business by enabling you to purchase through a private vendor with financing, then leasing the equipment back from First Capital Leasing.


Is Private Sales The Right Choice For You?

There are benefits to a Private Sales Leasing agreement:

      • Get exactly what you need: If the most ideal equipment and/or the best deal is found with a private seller, financing can still be an option.

      • Manage your cash flow: If financing the needed equipment is necessary to ensure that the cash flow for your business is maintained, Private Sales Leasing can facilitate that.

    • Risk support: The lease provider can help determine fair market value, manage the transaction, and assume some of the risks of buying through a private sale.

    How Does A Private Sale Work?

    Locate Your Equipment: Source your equipment with consideration to price, age, condition and KMs of a vehicle. If the best deal is with a private seller, let us know.
    Apply: Complete our online application which is automatically submitted to our credit approval team. Bonus: We keep your completed application on file, so there is never a need to re-apply (existing with us…don’t worry about re-applying as we house your information on file and you never have to re-apply).
    Get Approved: Our team will work quickly to approve your application. We know that time can be of the essence in a private sale scenario. Once approved, you will be contacted to review the documentation.
    Finalize Deal: When the documentation is completed, our team will work directly with the seller to finalize the details of the sale and perform searches on your behalf with your interests in mind.

    Private Sales may be just the solution you need to ensure that the equipment you need is available to you, regardless of the vendor. The team at First Capital Leasing can provide a tailored strategy that allows you to feel confident you are purchasing equipment that you need at the best pricing and still be able to finance your purchase.


    Private Sales Financing Options

    Your business depends on your ability to locate and finance the equipment necessary to maintain operational flow. Don’t be deterred if the best source for the equipment or vehicles you need is a private seller. First Capital Leasing has a variety of financing strategies available. We have cultivated a wide network of underwriters and this allows us to offer custom solutions that can be applied to any sale, even a private one. If the most suitable equipment for your company is found with a private vendor contact us for the best financing option for your company.





    Is there a maximum lease amount I can secure?
    There is no maximum. We want to work with you to ensure you can secure the equipment you need. Contact our team to explore your options for private sales financing.

    Do you work directly with the seller? 
    Our team does work directly with the seller to ensure a smooth and seamless transaction. We mobilize our team quickly so the opportunity for the private sale is not lost.

    How do I apply? 
    We have an easy application process. Apply Here. And once you have applied, there is no need to apply again. We will continue to partner with you for all your business financing needs.



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