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Whatever industry you are in and whatever equipment you require, our team can find a financing solution that works best for you. Our unique access to one of the largest networks of underwriters gives us the ability to get the results that others can’t.

Whether you are looking to finance a fleet of construction vehicles or a small website to market your business, you can trust our experience to build an equipment lease that is uniquely tailored to your business needs and budgets.

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Agriculture and Farm Equipment Leasing Made Simple

At First Capital Leasing, we help our customers purchase the agriculture equipment they need to grow their business. From tractors to harvesters and farm trucks, we can help make acquiring the right equipment easy so you can focus on expanding your business.

At First Capital Leasing, our team can develop a customized financial solution geared to enhancing your farm’s growth, image, and bottom line. Some of the agriculture equipment you can lease include, but is not limited to, the following:

Combine and tractor
Car raised on car lift in auto service


Get The Loan You Need to Upgrade Your Tools

For your auto repair shop to succeed now and in the future, it must be equipped with the most advanced tools and equipment. Our equipment financing solutions allow you to acquire the accessories and technology your automotive business needs to increase sales and improve efficiency, all while saving money.

We know how important automotive equipment is to your business. Our team can help you get the automotive financing you need to upgrade your repair tools, stay competitive, and turn your jobs around faster and more efficiently. The types of automotive equipment you can lease include (but are not limited to) the following: 


Grow Your Construction Business With Our Tailored Equipment Leasing Solutions

When it comes to winning bids, and gaining more business, having the right tools and construction equipment for the job can make all the difference. Our flexible heavy equipment financing options allow you to upgrade or replace your construction equipment without drawing upon the entirety of your business savings.

If you need new or used construction equipment, our team can create a custom financing solution that will fit your budget and help you stay ahead of the competition. Some of the equipment you can lease includes, but is not limited to, the following:

excavator with shovel
computer room

Computers & Technology

Maximize Your Business Potential With Our Technology Leasing Solutions

Outdated computer and technology equipment could lose your company its competitive edge, and put the data of your business and clients at risk. Our computer and technology equipment leasing solutions provide a smart way to equip your company with the latest technology without the high upfront costs.

Having access to the latest technology can be a great way to increase the efficiency of your business and maximize its potential. We can provide technology equipment leasing services for a range of equipment including:


Cash-Flow Friendly Leasing Solutions For Fitness Equipment

Purchasing the latest fitness equipment for your gym or fitness center can be incredibly expensive. Fortunately, our fitness equipment leasing options allow you to get the gym furnishings you require and increase business without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking to build up your fitness center with the latest equipment, but don’t want to weaken your cash flow, then our leasing solutions can help get your business moving. Some of the equipment you can lease includes:

Gym nobody, empty fitness club
Interior of Packaging Department

Industrial & Manufacturing

Manufacturing Equipment Loans Make it Easy to Get The Machinery You Need

Is your current industrial and manufacturing equipment old and in dire need of replacement? Our team can customize an equipment financing plan that will allow you to upgrade or replace the machinery your business needs while helping you keep cash available for other key business expenses.

Upgrade or replace the machinery your business needs and keep cash available for your other business expenses with our customized manufacturing equipment loans. Some of the equipment you can lease include: 

Medical & Dental

Keep Up With Changing Technology With Our Medical & Dental Equipment Leasing Solutions

Are you passionate about delivering the very best care to your patients? Whatever medical profession you are in, our financing solutions allow you to upgrade to the latest medical devices or technology without clearing out your cash reserves. With our help, you can offer the latest treatment and testing options to stay competitive.

Treat your patients using the latest medical technology and pay for the equipment as it pays for itself with our fully customized medical and dental equipment leasing solutions. Some types of medical/dental equipment you can lease include:

At the dental office
Oil pump and wind turbines against incredible purple sunset sky

Oil & Gas

Stay Ahead of The Competition With Our Oil and Gas Equipment Leasing Solutions

Do you run an oil and gas company? Staying current with the most updated equipment is crucial to the growth and success of your business. Our oil and gas equipment leasing solutions are the ideal way to obtain the latest equipment and expand your business while still keeping plenty of working capital on hand.

If you run an oil and gas business and want to keep the latest equipment on hand without using vast amounts of cash, our customized leasing solutions can provide the perfect solution. Here are some of the types of equipment you can lease:

Restaurants & Hospitality

We Help Your Restaurant Reach Its Potential

Give your guests the best possible dining experience with our highly tailored and flexible restaurant equipment leasing and loan options. Our team will help you obtain the commercial kitchen and restaurant equipment you need to provide world-class service to your guests without limiting your cash flow.

Give your guests the best service and dining experience with our fully tailored restaurant and hospitality equipment leasing solutions and loans. Some of the equipment you may want to lease includes the following:

Balls of dough in a baking pan, going into a restaurant oven
High speed passenger train in motion on railroad track at sunset


Innovative Transportation Equipment Leasing Solutions

We can help you get the latest transportation equipment, including vehicle fleets and tanker trucks, so you can continue to expand your business operations without any hassle. Our experience and professionalism allow us to provide you with outstanding financial leasing services that suit your every need.

Our team can provide you with fast, flexible, and effective transportation equipment leasing solutions that will help take your business further. Some of the transportation equipment you can lease includes:  

And More!

Whatever Industry You Are In,
We Can Help You Find Financing Solutions

The above are some examples of the most common industries we serve, but our services and expertise extend beyond this non-exhaustive list.
Our team is happy to serve customers from all industries and we will work around the clock to help with all of your equipment leasing requirements,
no matter what type or size of business you own

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Our partners have successfully expanded their businesses.
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LeaseApproved in 1 hour
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$25,000.00 for commercial mowers
LoanFunded in 24 hours
Read More
Used 2010 CAT 289C Loader for $60,000.00
Private SaleApproved in 4 hours
Read More
2014 Peterbilt 348 for $210,00.00
Auction DealApproved in less than 4 hours
Read More
3 Used 2007 Gooseneck Trailers for $71,000.00
LoanApproved and funded within 48 hours
Read More
Used 2013 Skyjack SJ66T Boom Lift for $50,000.00
Private SaleApproved and funded in 48 hours
Read More
Used 2007 International 4300 Service Truck for $79,900.00
Auction DealFunded in 48 hours
Read More
Used 2001 Peterbilt 385 for $35,000.00
LoanFunded in 8 hours
Read More
2021 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 for $98,000.00
Sale LeasebackFunded in 48 hours
Read More
Used 2010 ADCO Sleever Refinance for $100,000.00
LeaseFunded in 24 hours
Read More
2023 Look Cargo Trailer for $26,000.00
LeaseFunded in 24 hours
Read More
Used 2020 Kubota KX040-4GA Excavator for $80,000.00
LoanApproved in 20 minutes
Read More
2023 FORD F750 6.7L for $218,550.00
LeaseApproved in less than 24 hours
Read More
$285,000.00 for 3 new GMC Sierra 3500 trucks
Lease / Private SaleApproved in 48 hours
Read More
Used 2014 Freightliner Cascadia
LeaseFunded in 48 hours
Read More
Used 2018 Bobcat S570 funded over a 10 year term
LeaseFunded in 24 hours
Read More
$42,000.00 for computer software
Sale LeasebackApproved within 24 hours
Read More
$125,000.00 for Used 2006 Witzco Challenger and Used 1995 Universal Transfer Trailers
LeaseFunded in 72 hours
Read More
Fleet of 8 2022 RAM 5500 Chassis Trucks for $800,000.00
Equipment LeaseApproved and submitted for funding within 48 hours
Read More
Used in 2018 by John Deere, 350G Excavator for $269,000.00
Private SaleApproved within 20 minutes
Read More
Used 2019 Bodor T230 Tube Laser for $95,000.00 on a 72 Month Term
Vendor TransactionApproved in 4 hours and funded within 48 hours
Read More
$175,000.00 in office furniture on a 12 Month Term
Vendor TransactionApproved and submitted for funding within 24 hours
Read More
Office furniture and artwork for $150,000.00
Private SaleFunded within 72 hours
Read More
Used 2018 RAM 2500 for $65,000.00
Private SaleFunded within 72 hours
Read More
Used 2018 RAM 2500 for $65,000.00
Vendor TransactionApproved in 24 hours
Read More
John Deere 724 Loader for $530,000.00
Vendor TransactionApproved in 2 hours
Read More
Computer Software for $50,000.00
Sale LeasebackApproved within 24 hours
Read More
4 Used 2015 International Scout Trucks
LeaseFunded 8 months prior to installation
Read More
LED Signage for CFL Stadium for $745,000.00
Vendor Transaction Approved in 24 hours
Read More
2020 Komatsu D155PXI for $608,000.00
Sale LeasebackApproved in 24 hours
Read More
$105,000.00 for 2022 Ford Super Duty F550
LoanFunded in 48 hours
Read More
2022 Ford F350 for $100,000.00
LeaseApproved in 2 hours
Read More
Gantry Water Table Package for $53,000.00
LeaseFunded in 48 hours
Read More
2021 Kenworth W900. Completed with annual payments for $180,000.00
Vendor TransactionFunded in 48 hours
Read More
2018 Doepker Super B Trailers for $100,000.00
Loan Approved within 2 hours
Read More
New 2022 GMC Sierra 3500 SLT for $93,000.00 on an 84 Month Term
Vendor Transaction Approved within 2 hours
Read More
Server with computers for $15,000.00