How a Leasing Partner Could Be Your Company’s Biggest Ally

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It can be tough going it alone as a business owner. Here are the main ways a leasing partner can help ease your burden by becoming your business’ biggest ally.

It can sometimes seem as though you need to do everything on your own when you own your own business. After all, you likely branched out and started your own company so you could be the person in charge. But getting a business off the ground and financing everything it takes for it to be successful can be a difficult task. That’s why having a leasing partner can be hugely beneficial. 

Some of the things a leasing partner can help with include:

    By utilizing a leasing partner to help with various aspects of your business, they can quickly become your biggest ally. Their expertise in finance and lending can help you build and grow your business quickly while also allowing you to remain one step ahead of your competitors. 

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    How a Leasing Partner Could Be Your Company’s Biggest Ally

    It takes a lot of capital to start a business and make it successful. A lending partner can help by providing your company with the working capital it needs to get off the ground and run its day-to-day operations. Depending on the lender, it can also help you scale up and acquire the equipment or vehicles you need to meet your objectives. 

    Here are just a few ways the right leasing partner can quickly become your biggest ally. 

    Equipment leasing: Equipment can be extremely expensive, especially the kind that is used in construction or other industrial sectors. Instead of sinking a large portion of your working capital into this requirement, you can use a leasing partner to rent it from. This financial tool is quite handy for businesses that operate in industries where equipment is continuously evolving or improving due to technological advancements, allowing them to use the most cutting-edge equipment at a fraction of the cost.

    Vehicle leasing: Purchasing a fleet of vehicles for your workers can quickly throw your balance sheet out of whack. Since new vehicles also depreciate exceptionally quickly, leasing instead of buying can be very advantageous. If your business is subject to seasonal changes with regard to how busy things get, then leasing your vehicles can also help you more easily meet these ebbs and flows. Instead of parking a work vehicle away for a good chunk of the year — causing it to depreciate even further — you can simply return it to the lessor. 

    Sale-leaseback: If your company is in dire need of cash, then you can quickly get an injection of it by selling your equipment or vehicles to a leasing partner and then renting them back from them. Known as a sale-leaseback, this leasing strategy helps reduce the overall risk associated with your business by passing along ownership of the assets while instantly improving your working capital. It’s the best of both worlds, as you get the cash you need and get to keep using your critical equipment or vehicles. 

    The Right Leasing Partner Can Take Your Business to New Heights

    While there are many different types of leasing partners out there, choosing the right one for your company’s needs could be the difference between succeeding and failing. By using the leasing strategies and tools available to your business, you can improve cash flow, lower your operating costs, and get the cutting-edge equipment you need to stay competitive. 

    If you would like to know more about our leasing services at First Capital Leasing, please contact us today. We can put together a financing solution tailored specifically for your company, helping you quickly get the equipment, vehicles, or cash you need. 


    Is leasing worth it?

    The answer to this question depends on what you’re leasing and the specific circumstances your company currently finds itself in. Leasing equipment or work vehicles can be hugely beneficial to a company, freeing up its working capital for other pursuits or obligations.

    What is a sale-leaseback?

    A sale-leaseback sees you sell your equipment or vehicles to a lessor then lease it back from them. It provides your company with an immediate injection of cash flow while retaining the use of the equipment or vehicles you sold. It also reduces your risk since the asset is no longer under your company’s name and it shields you from suffering further depreciation on the assets.

    Why do companies go for the leasing of assets?

    The main reason most companies choose to lease assets instead of buying them is that they view it as better use of their capital. Instead of committing a large portion of their working capital to the purchase of equipment or vehicles, they can use it for other business needs such as expansion.

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