Strategies For Successful Auction Purchases

April 13, 2021
Options For Auction Financing

Auctions are a great way to get affordable equipment for your business. Auction houses handle the liquidations of businesses and there are deals to be found. But purchasing at auction can require large capital expenditure and impede the cash flow of your business. There are options for auction financing. First Capital Leasing has strategies to finance your auction purchases.

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The Auction Solution

If you have found the equipment you need available for sale at auction don’t miss the opportunity by failing to prepare. Follow these key tips to ensure that you are positioned for the winning bid.

Do Your Research

Preparation is key when planning to purchase at auction. Do your research to ensure you understand:

How Auction Financing Will Help Your Business

Tailored solutions for auction financing can facilitate the acquisition of equipment that is vital to your business. Seeking auction financing strategies from a knowledgeable company with vast experience in the auction process will get you a customized plan that can make a big difference to the overall cost of your project. Connect with the FCL team to explore your options for financing.

Your Auction Partner

If you are considering exploring auctions to find the equipment you need to upgrade your fleet, increase your production capabilities, or diversify your offerings, consider purchasing at auction. Auctions offer the opportunity to access quality equipment from a variety of brands at affordable prices. But don’t let the large-scale expenditure cause you to miss out on bidding. Partner with First Capital Financing to explore options for financing. We can support your growth with the financing you need.

Read more about our solutions for auction financing here.


Is there a maximum financing amount I can secure?
There is no maximum. We want to work with you to ensure you can secure the equipment you need. Contact our team to explore your options for auction financing.

Do you make payment directly to the auction house?
Yes. We can handle the transaction directly with the auctioneer to ensure an airtight arrangement.

How do I apply for auction financing?
We have an easy application process. Once you have applied, there is no need to apply again, we will continue to partner with you for all your business financing needs.


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We'd love to have the opportunity to understand your business and develop a strategy customized to your business' short-term needs and long-term goals.  We boast a 95% approval rate through our vast network of underwriters (including a robust private portfolio).   
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