How A Sales-Leaseback Can Save Your Business

March 10, 2021
A Solution For Managing Cash Flow

Are you in a position where a lot of your business capital is tied up in pricey equipment, vehicle, and machinery assets? Managing cash flow can be vital to maintaining operations or financing growth for your business. When appropriately structured, a leaseback arrangement can be a flexible and innovative solution to free up capital and allow you to build sustainability into your business model while preserving access to the equipment that keeps your company going.

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First Capital Leasing is a Calgary-based lending company that specializes in equipment and vehicle leasing, auction financing, sale-leasebacks, and commercial equipment loans. For more than 25 years, we've been helping businesses across Canada with their commercial equipment and financing needs, helping them quickly acquire the important tools they need to be successful.

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What is a Sales-Leaseback Program?

A sales-leaseback program is an arrangement in which an organization can sell equipment or machinery assets to a financing provider for fair market value then lease back those same assets from the purchaser. 

What Are The Benefits of Leaseback?

100% cash injection: The cash released through the purchase will go directly into your business, providing you with valuable working capital. 

Enhanced cash flow: You’ll be able to simplify your budgeting through fixed-rate monthly rental payments. 
Reduced risk: A sale-leaseback reduces your organization’s risk because you have passed ownership of the asset to us. 
You can enjoy the best of both worlds: A sale-leaseback program is a great way for your business to raise quick capital while enjoying the benefits of an equipment lease.

A reputable financing provider will be able to provide a tailored leaseback program to address your specific financial and business requirements.

How Does Sales-Leaseback Work?

Select Your Assets: Decide what equipment you would like to sell in order to free up capital.
Application: Complete our online application, which is instantaneously submitted to our credit team. For existing customers, there is no need to re-apply.
Approval: Once approved, a member of our team will contact you to discuss the next steps. Documentation will then be provided for your review. 
Payment: Upon receipt of all required documentation, our funding team will work on payment remittal to your company. 

A sales-leaseback program can help your business increase your access to working capital and allow you to continue your operations with the equipment vital to your business. First Capital Leasing’s team has the experience and knowledge to create a careful, thoughtful and fully personalized leaseback arrangement. Our thorough approach is our commitment to reaching a leaseback solution that is just right for your business. Choosing First Capital Leasing when entering into a sales-leaseback program ensures:

Leaseback Solutions For Your Business

A leaseback contract can provide a peace-of-mind solution injecting cash into your business to maintain operations or finance growth. If you are considering a sales-leaseback program for your business, large or small, connect with our expert team at First Capital Leasing. We will work closely with you to ensure your leaseback arrangement can meet your unique financing needs and that you are positioned to free up the capital you need without interruptions to your business.



Is there a minimum and maximum lease amount?

The minimum leaseback arrangement is $5000 with no maximum. Connect with our skilled team to explore the options available for your business.

How quickly can I receive payment after making an arrangement? 

Payment for your leaseback contract can be remitted to your company as quickly as 48 hours after all documents are signed.

How do you value my assets? 

Our team is skilled at valuing all types of assets at fair market value. Connect with First Capital Leasing, and we can provide tailored information on the appraised value of your equipment.


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