8 Factors Suppliers Must Consider When Choosing a Finance/Lease Partner

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More businesses than ever are using commercial equipment financing to obtain the equipment, vehicles, and other assets they need to grow and thrive. For commercial equipment vendors, it’s becoming increasingly important to develop financing options for their clients.

By partnering with an equipment lease/finance partner, you can get the financing options your customers need without any of the associated risks and challenges, such as evaluating applications or determining creditworthiness.

Working with a lease/finance partner will ensure that you:


      • Finalize more sales

      • Improve your reputation and customer relations

      • Avoid a lot of transactional risks

      • Get paid faster

      • Receive the full selling price of the equipment upfront


    We Can Increase Your Sales By At Least 30 Percent!

    With over 85 years of combined experience in the industry and a close-ratio of 95%, our team knows exactly how to work with equipment vendors to increase your sales and improve your customer relations.

    We provide tailored financing and leasing options that serve both you and your customers’ needs, helping you drive sales and generate profits.

    Want to know how we can help you finalize more commercial equipment sales?



    8 Factors Suppliers Must Consider When Choosing a Finance/Lease Partner

    Are you interested in providing additional purchasing options for your customers? Partnering with an equipment financing company can provide you with many benefits, but in order for you to get the most out of this relationship, you must be very careful when choosing a lease/finance partner.

    Here are 8 factors that you must consider when choosing a finance/lease partner:

    1. They Provide Prompt Payment Remittal

    Take comfort in the security of knowing that your payment remittance is secured by having your customers finance through us. We are able to accommodate any prepayment terms needed, including partial deposits or payment in full. We provide prompt payment remittal, allowing you to focus on your sales instead of chasing down your customers for receivables, possibly causing discomfort and time loss for both parties.

    2. They Help You Keep Control Over Your Sale

    By allowing your customers to use a third party finance company, you will lose control of the sale. That company could even sway your customer to use one of their preferred suppliers, without you knowing!

    We Help You Stay in Control Of Your Sale

    When you partner with First Capital Leasing, we will keep you updated from the start of the application, through to the credit approval, signing of the paperwork, and payment remittal. We always keep you in the loop and are dedicated to establishing strong, trusting, and long-lasting relationships with our equipment vendors, helping you fulfill all your customers’ needs.

    3. They Offer Flexible and Customized Finance Solutions

    Even though a customer might not ask about any payment options, it’s imperative to let them know that financing is available on each sale. By offering a monthly payment option and not just an outright purchase price, you can make an unattainable purchase attainable for your customer.

    Don’t Let Your Customers Slip Away

    If you fail to offer your customers financing options, this could influence them to make a purchase through a competitor who does offer flexible payment plans. We can help solve this problem for you and your customers through our flexible and custom finance solutions.

    4. They Can Approve Almost Any Type of Equipment or Vehicle

    Many financing companies condition financing to ‘newer’ equipment or vehicles. First Capital Leasing has no such restrictions on the age of an asset, as well as hours and KM. Not only can we approve any type of equipment or vehicle, but there is also no rate premium for used assets.

    5. They Are Dedicated To Your Overall Turnaround

    We offer the most competitive turnaround times in the industry and our goal is to get you paid as soon as possible. While banks can take upwards of 3 weeks just for credit approval, we strive to have all applications approved the same day, contingent on the size of the application.

    Upon approval, we immediately contact you and the customer and begin the paperwork process to get you paid, therefore shortening your sales cycle significantly.

    6. They Are Able To Finance Your Complete Sale

    First Capital Leasing is an all-in-one solution for your sale. Not only can we finance the equipment itself, but we also include costs such as installation, freight, training, repairs, and more. By including these additional costs, we give you the opportunity to increase your margin on your sales.

    By having access to a number of lenders that accommodate all credit types, we can offer a 95% approval ratio, leaving no need for you or your customers to go elsewhere.

    7. They Have Extensive Experience in the Industry

    There are numerous finance companies that promise to serve you, but many lack the experience and knowledge to serve you with your best interests in mind. All the members of our core team have longevity in excess of 10 years, making us experts in all facets of the industry.

    This allows for a streamlined process from inception to the end of the lease term. Our team takes great pride in the service we offer and it shows in our long-term relationships and repeat business.

    8. They Want to Be Your Trustworthy and Reliable Partner

    Our focus is on helping you increase your sales, and we do this by offering you the tools needed to stay ahead of your competitors. When you work with us, we will provide you with:


        • Co-branded applications

        • Access to our instant quoting tool (Q Link)

        • Promotional offers exclusively for your customers

        • Website co-branding

      In addition to this, we can also provide you with posters, brochures, applications, and business cards for your showroom or trade show, to promote and strengthen our partnership.


      Let’s Get Started

      If you have any questions about what it means to offer financing to your customers, get in touch with us! We’d be happy to work with you to find a solution that makes sense based on your business needs and customer base.

      To find out more about how we can work successfully together, contact us at (403) 255-5508 or fill in our online contact form.

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